So you found your way to my place on the internet and you may wonder what it’s all about. Homer & Humbug started as a private means to publish my thoughts and stories – hence the name, I’d like to write like Homer but then it could very well be a bunch of Humbug.

Right now, Homer&Humbug is my writing platform. I’ve spent hours creating the website, learning about the technicalities behind the scenes and dealing with numerous errors. So here it is. The work.

On this website you will find columns I wrote, semi-essays on my favourite topics, and fiction. I’m obsessed by the power of stories, being human in the twenty-first century, and dreaming of a better future. I hope to offer some food for thought in this rapid fast-food world. Sometimes we just like to read about dreams and I’m offering mine.

Anouschka van Wettum

Utrecht, February 2018

(Image below: credits to MB Photography)