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    Summer of Genesis

    Summer, 2017. A summer of work. I finally finished my thesis (‘Vertigo of Excess: Angela Carter’s Baroque in Peep-Shows and Cinema‘ yes), my internship at the philosophy and spirituality publishers ended,…

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    Thinking Planet & the Thinking Body

    … in which a philosophy event inspired me to live my principles through my body. Warning: may contain philosophy, thoughts on yoga, and searching for meaning. Visiting the philosophy event Thinking…

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    Being a Beast

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin Universities teach animal studies. Books on animal empathy and animal experience adorn the shelves in book shops. The Netherlands have a political party dedicated to –…

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    The power of focus: the oculus

    In “Lessons from Zen” a book on the meditative example of cats drew my attention to a light solution to clutter and a busy monkey mind. Perhaps the zen classes were…