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Saving with Books

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I’m stacking books, aligning books, retrieving them from boxes that come in five times a week to fill the gaps on the shelves.

On television in the morning some expert on economy advises viewers to review unnecessary expenses such as subscriptions, chance magazines, books. Right after a mother of 8 children expresses her indignation about rising insurance expenses. Let’s all save on things we don’t really need. Maybe we can start with television and silly economy experts then.

Shopping for books

In my little bookshop people walk in on purpose. They are searching for gifts, for information, stimulation, something to bring their lives to a higher plane. Yes, new books are expensive. They have been written, edited, designed, published, marketed, and along those steps the people involved need to earn their daily bread. If you’re poor, I’m happy to point out to you second-hand bookshops. Or give you books from my own shelves.

There is a choice to make, however. Either you’re served like a king and pay like a king, or the search for a book is an open-minded journey with a budget in mind.

Yes, let’s save on our expenses. Lets turn off the TV and rely on your local librarian for a good recommendation. Spend your afternoon with a cup of coffee at the library as you leaf through magazines you don’t have to subscribe to. Bring your own coffee, if your means are tight. There are still places on this earth that won’t judge you for your income.

Then, reading, you’ll learn to distinguish between the good and the bad. You’ll find your genre, your favourite books. They’ll provide you with stories, journeys, a dip into worlds of billionaires and geniuses, antiheroes and normal people. And all those books, found on shelves anywhere, will tell you the most important thing you need to know: you are not alone in your struggle, and your empathy for a fictional character is the first step out of media-induced paranoia.

Let’s save on our expenses and make our free hours valuable beyond market definitions. Let’s read books.

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